Our Work

The University of Wisconsin-Disaster Management Center (UWDMC) has worked closely with experts recognized for their field experience to develop professional development activities for international disaster management and hazard risk reduction. The UWDMC goal is to improve the emergency management performance of non-governmental organizations, local and national governments, and international organizations.

For more than three decades, individuals and organizations world-wide have benefitted from:

  • Self-study courses on disaster and emergency management
  • A comprehensive, individualized diploma program
  • Training programs for refugee emergencies
  • Funding for research grants and training
  • An emergency settlement conference focusing on solutions and best practices
  • Conference papers, case studies, and other publications.

UWDMC has had a practical and international focus on managing disasters and refugee emergencies. We believe that disaster management provides the possibility to address not only the traditional relief aspects of a disaster, but also pre-disaster mitigation and preparedness aspects that are critical to a sustainable development process.

Working with other experienced individuals and institutions around the world has been the cornerstone for UWDMC activities. Through these partnerships, UWDMC has expanded offerings and empowered others to implement their own disaster management training activities and to manage their own humanitarian assistance programs.

We invite you to learn more about our past projects and partnerships.