Please note: UWDMC is no longer accepting new candidates in the Diploma Program.  

A unique professional development experience

The UWDMC Disaster Management Diploma was based on a personal study program that combined UWDMC self-study courses with educational activities from other organizations anywhere in the world. The program offered learning opportunities that built on what students already knew, prepared students for new responsibilities, and recognized completion of a coordinated, approved, and guided program of studies.

The Diploma has been an international professional development activity and not an academic program or traditional university degree. Course materials were developed by professionals already working in the field and had a practical rather than theoretical focus. Respected worldwide for more than 20 years, the Diploma provided a useful credential for beginning and/or advancing in the field of disaster and emergency management.

Learning any time, at any pace, and from any location

Convenience and flexibility were key features of the Diploma.  UWDMC courses were self-paced, designed to fit any schedule, and required no travel. While students needed an Internet connection to download the course materials, they could complete the course content offline. Participants came from all parts of the world and were able to continue their studies while working in the field if necessary.

While backgrounds and interests varied, participants found the Diploma as a cost-effective way to meet professional objectives, gain new skills, and broaden their knowledge. Their comments include:

“The DMC made a real difference in how I viewed disasters and gave me new ways to think about bad things both in and outside the United States. I count it as a formative experience in my development as an emergency manager and disaster scientist.”

“This was important to me in helping to develop my skills in the critical analysis of disaster doctrine as a very important skill set.”

“With a full professional life and significant volunteer commitments, the distance learning approach was the only practical way to study.”