Please note: UWDMC is no longer accepting new candidates in the Diploma Program.  

The Diploma Program provided the opportunity to combine studies in:

  • disaster/emergency management fundamentals
  • professional and technical skills
  • communication, administration, management, financial or other area
  • understanding of disaster/emergency management in the environmental, political, cultural, and social contexts

Students developed knowledge of disaster management and expanded skills by meeting requirements in three different areas.

  • Students gained a foundation in disaster management by completing UWDMC Core Courses. They completed two required courses and then chose from more than 20 self-study courses to earn Continuing Education Units toward the Core Course requirement.
  • Professional Electives broadened knowledge and expanded skills. It was possible to earn Continuing Education Units from approved courses and training from other institutions and organizations, including courses completed previously.
  • The Professional Study Project provided an opportunity to apply learning from coursework and disaster management experiences. Students were able to use a current work assignment or a topic of importance to complete this in-depth project.

The Diploma Requirements page and Frequently Asked Questions page have additional information about what was involved in earning the Diploma.