UW-Madison Disaster Management Center
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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Courses

There are new distance learning opportunities in emergency preparedness, based on training activities developed through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

As an innovative approach to professional development for refugee emergency management, the UNHCR-Emergency Response Services (ERS) is expanding a program for Distance Learning. Under this program, Distance Learning Modules on Emergency Preparedness and Response have been developed by UNHCR in collaboration with InterWorks and the University of Wisconsin-Disaster Management Center. The next pilot phase will test five distance learning modules as printed materials and on-line Internet modules. The estimated time to complete each module is 20 hours.

There are six courses available at this time:

  • EP01 Contingency Planning
  • EP02 Planning an Emergency Response
  • EP03 Managing an Emergency Response
  • EP04 Managing External Relations
  • EP06 Providing Emergency Support and Advice
  • EP07 Coordination

For more distance learning information and course descriptions, please check the UNHCR Centre Training:

There are two ways to apply for enrollment:

  • Individuals and organizations in the Asia & Pacific region can request enrollment information from:
  • All other individuals and organizations can request enrollment information from:
    Phone: +1.608.262.5441
    Fax: +1.608.263.3160
    or use the online enrollment form provided.