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REF: International Emergency Settlement Project--Next Steps Survey Form

As a first step toward maintaining and advancing the contacts and discussions initiated at the April Conference, please take a moment to complete and return this feedback form.

Email Address:

Converting information into learning is one of the next steps of the Project. In order to respond to the needs of individuals and institutions in the field, your learning priorities are important

Priorities: Here are some suggested topics, based on conference participation and closing comments. Place a check mark next to your top four choices.
Assistance in complex emergencies
Local capacity building
Coordination with the military
Monitoring and evaluation
Emergency planning/preparedness
Needs and resources assessment
Emergency prevention
Working with host governments

Add additional topics in the space below.

Any topics developed further will include the "cross-cutting" issues identified during the conference.

Formats: Do you or your organization have any preference(s) for how you learn or train? Please list your top three learning formats (e.g. self-study, lecture, workshop, WWW, etc.).

Would you like to receive a more detailed survey on Project development? YES NO

Thank you for your collaboration.

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