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Emergency Settlement Conference
Preliminary Conference Proceedings-
New Approaches to New Realities


We are pleased to host the First International Emergency Settlement Conference. The Conference provides a forum for individuals with a wide range of expertise, experience and organizational affiliations to discuss the critical issues concerning populations in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

These Preliminary Proceedings contain the working drafts of papers built on information solicited from a wide array of UN agencies, NGOs and other internationally respected consultants. Individuals involved in the preparation of each topic paper are acknowledged at the start of the paper. The mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endoresment or recommendation for use. The views expressed in the papers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any specific individual or organization.

The conference coordinators acknowledge the contributors to each paper for their cooperation and timely submittal of materials. We also wish to acknowledge the special efforts of the following individuals: Lynne Bethke, Crystal Busby, Charles Dufresne, Jim Good, Eva Jensen, Jeff Klenk, Kate Becker, Marcy Ostrom, Darrell Petska, Sheila Reed and Philip Sargisson. This document and this Conference could not have been successfully completed without their assistance.

Conference Cordinators
Don Schramm

Paul Thompson

April 1996, Madison

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