UW-Madison Disaster Management Center
Campus Buildings: photo courtesy UW Communications

Professional Development in Disaster Management

Serving the learning needs of disaster/emergency management professionals in the developing world since 1982, the University of Wisconsin-Disaster Management Center (UW-DMC) has worked closely with experts recognized for their field experience to develop disaster management training activities with a practical emphasis. The center's goal is to help improve the emergency management performance of non-governmental organizations, local and national governments, and international organizations, through a comprehensive professional development program in disaster management. Distance learning is the principal approach for this international program.

Self-study course modules have been developed for text, video, and computer-based media. Since 1988, more than 3500 individuals worldwide have enrolled in these self-study courses. Comprehensive training seminars and workshops have also been organized throughout the world for governmental groups, non-governmental organizations, and inter-governmental agencies, including the United Nations. This more traditional, on-site training is for professionals in both disaster management and refugee emergency management.